Ricoh Learning Services

Great ideas come from creative thinkers


After today, you'll know more. More about yourself.

More about the world around you. We learn new things

every day. We gather knowledge and acquire new skills.

Each day is an opportunity for self-development.

The beaten paths to learning are changing rapidly. We

are on the verge of a tipping point in how we approach

education. With new information spread at the speed of

light and the world becoming smaller than ever, today's

words are obsolete tomorrow. To develop learning these

days, you need to be able to make changes at any moment.

Ricoh has a rich history in which learning played a vital role.

We have built a solid and reliable worldwide reputation and

we have built up expertise in various markets throughout

the years. And now is the time to share our knowledge, our

experience and our passion for learning with the rest of the

world. With Ricoh Learning Services, we are opening our

doors. We feel the responsibility for taking the lead worldwide

in an unstoppable revolution in education.

We love learning and we gladly share that passion.

We believe that developing our capacity to learn is a

lifelong challenge. Ricoh Learning Services facilitates

and stimulates learning opportunities in education, top

sport and business environments. We deliver innovative

technical solutions, consultancy, training and educational

applications. We offer the materials and the people who

can deploy them in the very best ways. In doing so, we

adapt sustainably to local cultures and infrastructures.

Ricoh Learning Services loves to learn and we are

passionate about supporting you in any way we can. We

are here to help, so that you know more tomorrow than you

do today.

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